Our Story

Many, many moons ago....

Me and Mike my husband of 22 years absolutely love entertaining. We love the summer, when we can have any excuse to have a party and to light a fire for a barbeque.
There is nothing better than having your dinner next to a roaring campfire or fire pit. Well, a real wood fire is not always possible, so we had to think of ways to enhance our flavours when using a gas fire. That's how we started playing around with our spice blends.
After Three years of meticulous development, testing and testing collections of all-natural spices. We created Raka Spice Rubs for the food lover who wants to broaden their flavour horizons.
You don't have to be a famous chef to make awesome, delicious food!



All the Raka Trading products are developed with ourselves, friends and family, very personally in mind. So you can trust in Raka to ensure our herbs and spices are the best possible quality, fresh and all natural. We roast and grind our own spices on site ensuring the freshest possible blend.

Your enjoyment of our products is our number one goal. We love seeing our friends and family enjoying the rubs and we hope you will too.



Our products are produced in a factory operated to the highest and most stringent, international hygiene and health codes, ensuring you of the highest quality end-product, free of any foreign contaminants or impurities. We are committed to bringing you the best quality product and service day in and day out.